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Feb 24 2010

Detecting Significant Changes In Your Data

Sometimes it's tempting to leap to conclusions in paid search. In this cautionary post, we'll provide a tool for testing whether data has changed meaningfully, or whether you're looking at statistical noise.

Oct 13 2009

PPC: the Importance of Click Volume

Thin data impacts every paid search program.

Sep 22 2009

Recognizing Signal & Noise in Paid Search

In paid search, metrics often vary in unexpected ways. Unexplained variation is often referred to as “noise.” Noise occurs on top of, and can sometimes cloud our view of, the true underlying pattern, or, the “signal.”

Oct 10 2007

PPC Benchmarks: How does your program stack up?

As retailers, we always wanted to know: how are we doing relative to our competitors? We thought it might be useful to throw out some benchmarks of what we see across our client-base.