For better or worse, this is where online retail is heading, and your marketing and merchandising teams will benefit from being there at the beginning.

The fate of many retailers in ’09 will rest on how they’ve chosen to manage their balance sheets.

Amazon’s fufillment system is mind-bogglingly good. So good, I only notice it when buying elsewhere. is promoting Obama and McCain videos from the homepage.

Crazy idea for a e-comm architecture: render the whole site in static HTML each evening, with prices and quantities accurate as of when written. Then use tiny fast AJAX calls throughout the day to update only those few bytes on each page that really change.

With some large folksonomies soon to launch, the retailers who tag early will define the game for those that follow them.

Riya relaunches under the brand — check it out.

The annual conference in NYC this week is BIG. Great small shows become popular and grow into medium-sized shows. Medium and large shows can be great too, but they’re great in different ways.

Riya demos an interesting innovation in online retail: “show me more items that look like this one.”