I recorded my NEMOA presentation and posted video.

NEMOA followup.

I’m in Cambridge at the spring NEMOA Here are some quick notes.

It you work in the catalog industry, either as a mailer or a vendor, check out the American Catalog Mailer’s Association, and consider getting your company involved.

NEMOA’s Spring 2008 Conference is March 12-14, 2008, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge.

The American Catalog Mailers Association, a new trade group for catalogers, launched in May.

Went to BeCamp, my first un-conference this last weekend, and it was great. If “all the good stuff at a conference happens in the hallway”, an unconference is way to have nothing but “hallway”.

NEMOA is freely sharing some great presentations from their Spring 2007 conference. Some real gems.

My favorite quote from the first day of the NEMOA show was from Kevin Hillstrom, formerly of Nordstrom.

It is neat to revisit a topic area after some time away and note quantum improvements in search relevance.

Janie Downey, NEMOA’s new Executive Director, discusses NEMOA’s strategic direction, the printing and pager outlook — and munchkin costumes.

I’m pleased to be speaking at the Spring 2007 NEMOA conference at the Royal Sonesta in Boston, 3/21/07.

The annual conference in NYC this week is BIG. Great small shows become popular and grow into medium-sized shows. Medium and large shows can be great too, but they’re great in different ways.