Two excellent posts about incrementality and matchbacks.

What would your paid search program look like if it was missing 50% of the sales that it was generating? Would you alter your bidding?

Here’s a transcript and a podcast of an enjoyable conversation with multichannel expert Kevin Hillstrom.

Kevin Hillstrom just came out with a new book on multichannel analysis.

Scratching your head over the interaction between your online and offline marketing efforts?

Too often, retailers mishandle their data when evaluating multi-channel performance.

We offer this list of tactics to marketers interested in torpedoing their site’s conversion rate.

If you’re not tracking key customer metrics by both demand channel and transaction channel, make that analysis a priority for this month. It will spark ideas and reveal possible opportunities.

Diane Rinaldo, Yahoo Search Marketing’s Senior Director for Retail, describes the Panama launch and describes upcoming improvements including targeting, new ad formats, and new distribution options. Diane also offers advice for multichannel marketers.

Estimating your “off-web revenue multiplier” correctly is important for multi-channel merchants. Set it too low, and you leave opportunity on the table, ceding share to your competition. Set it too high, and you advertise recklessly, burning ad budget needlessly.