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Oct 13 2006 Session: Brett Goffin of Google, Diane Rinaldo of Yahoo, and Jason Dailey of Microsoft

Highlights from the Google/Yahoo/Microsoft panel at Annual, NYC, Wednesday, October 11, 2006. Brett Goffin, Google.
Diane Rinaldo, Yahoo.
Jason Dailey, Microsoft.

Sep 30 2006

Search Engine Market Share

Last time, I discussed the unclear future direction of Would the search engine cut it's previous plans to launch and develop a world class platform? TBD. As for now, the only clear conclusion is that Ask wants more traffic and is willing to go to great advertising lengths to get it.

The plot thickens:

Sep 17 2006

Smart Ideas Travel Fast. Very Fast.

Google personalized home offered tabs on 14 September.

Jul 19 2006

The Google Steamroller Rolls On...

Google gained in market share in June '06 for the 11th consecutive month.