Microsoft advertising, intended to be funny, which actually is funny.

Where does your brand fall on the practicality vs. style spectrum?

We review May 2007 ad spend data for our agency. Google continues to dominate, with three fourths share. Google lost one point of share each to Yahoo and Microsoft. This small downward blip marks the first month in the last four in which Google did not gain share.

Microsoft announces a no-mouse no-keyboard computer.

I’ve been enjoying Sally McGhee’s book on Outlook tips for managing email, tasks, and calendar intelligently.

Taking clear aim at Microsoft Office, Google announced Google Apps Premier yesterday. The real killer app will be Google Apps running inside a corporate firewall, perhaps by year’s end.

Microsoft continues to lose search market share. And switching from serving Yahoo ads to their own AdCenter paid search system has decreased revenue per search. Ouch.

Interesting riff last week from Robert Scoble on Google’s adopting a more MSFT-like approach to monetization, and what that means to site owners, to the public, to Microsoft, and to Google.