Readers would have been better served if Inc. magazine treated their February cover story on Second Life like a real business article, rather than a social phenomenon piece.

Keeping important files on a thumb drive is convenient, but can pose a security risk if the drive was lost. One solution is encrypting the contents of thumb drive and making daily backups.

Juice Analytics has put up some good material on Excel training, including an Excel tips wiki, a list of sites, and worksheet with exercises.

John Chow points out that Google pays FireFox for clicks generated from the FFox search box, and projects FFox may eventually become Google’s largest traffic source.

Here’s an assortment of some interesting links recently encountered: Google quality score, trademarks, and bidding; time zone detangling; image cropping; postal mail scanning; patent searching; & online scribbling.

Hilton squandered an opportunity to use a follow-up survey to enhance their brand. Make sure your surveys are fast, polite, typo-free, include an open-ended comment, are handled quickly, include Reichheld’s Ultimate Question — and please, keep them short!

Never send informative error messages to the browser.

For a smile, check out the cheesy Googlehead video on youtube.

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