Week after next, several of us here will be up in Boston for the catalog show. Give a shout if you’d like to meet up, or if you need an exhibit hall pass.

The anonymous “Spy” collects actual management dashboard screenshots and posts them online.

Clients who allowed us to spend our time on what we believed to be the highest value activities enjoyed almost four times greater year-over-year gains versus those clients who opted to manage us via detailed task lists.

Business today means flying. and can help make flights a little more pleasant.

Assorted interesting links: Josh Bell, Eric Schmidt, Matt Linderman, and Joe Madsen.

We’re removing rel=”no follow” tag from our comment links. We link generously.

Next time you have a free hour in DC, consider visiting the National Postal Museum across from Union Station.

A totally different approach for a website: dry erase marker on kitchen appliances.

Am I the only one who sees irony in Strumpette praising Andrew Keen’s new book blasting anonymous blogging?

The open source software movement never ceases to amaze. Beyond the wildly successful open source behemoths — Linux, Apache, MySql, etc — there’s a whole ecosystem of amazing little apps like TrueCrypt, SevenZip, and OpenVPN.

Enable network pipelining and increase max requests to increase FireFox browsing speed.

Attention. Spans. Shortening.

From Ilker Yoldas, a flash demo of post-click navigation.

“Meails”: self-important marketing spam emails which only care about the sender, not the recipient.

The inside scoop on Alberto Gonzales, the Viacom / YouTube lawsuit, and Angelina Jolie.

Last week I had the opportunity to try two new operating systems: Vista and Ubuntu. Both worked great. Ubuntu impresses, even on four year old hardware.

Early writeups of FreeBase are fascinating. The semantic web will transform how folks search, shop, and learn online. When we provide the machines with the structure to understand relationship between data elements, all sorts of interesting things will become possible very quickly.

Some interesting links from the past few weeks…

The best opportunity to see a total lunar eclipse in recent years will happen tomorrow night, between sunset and 8p EST.

Karl Fisch, a high school administrator in Littleton, Colorado, stirs Thomas Friedman’s flat world into Ray Kurzweil’s exponential speedup to ask how these will impact education. Short provocative video.

Hadn’t known Excel allowed custom graph types — a real timesaver.

My Outlook PST file died badly this week. The key steps for me to recover the file was scanpst.exe and using Outlook’s “Export As PST” functionality.

Delighted to see our blog named to Todd And’s list of 150 Top Marketing Blogs. We’re honored.

18 assorted interesting links, no particular theme.

Incredible and strange online art from Masayuki Kido.