Three interesting random Google links, courtesy of Philipp Lenssen.

Off-topic post on Tom Swifties.

10048 remembered, six years later.

Persuasive Games uses video games as interactive social commentary.

The American Catalog Mailers Association, a new trade group for catalogers, launched in May.

Saw my first ad in a TSA security bin last week.

The best book on mathematical modeling is “How to Model It: Problem Solving for the Computer Age” by Starfield, Smith, and Bleloch.

Best to avoid making mistakes as much as possible, but when errors inevitably occur, over-the-top service recovery makes customers smile. Nice job, Staples.

The 2007 Online Merchandising Workshop just wrapped up a few hours ago, and it was a great show.

Some interesting links, no particular theme.

Is your company using facebook and myspace yet? If so, how? And with what results?

Went to BeCamp, my first un-conference this last weekend, and it was great. If “all the good stuff at a conference happens in the hallway”, an unconference is way to have nothing but “hallway”.

As with any marketing message, you win when you make life easier for your prospect.

The online world is orbiting Mountain View. Not surprisingly, Google continues to pull in top talent and ideas.

Remarkableness changes the relationship between prospect, customer, and marketer.

Microsoft announces a no-mouse no-keyboard computer.

Jott is a free transcription service, converting calls to email.

To erase permanent marker from a white board, first draw over the mistake with a dry erase marker, then erase.

I enjoyed speaking this morning at the AMA’s Hot Topics In Search Marketing. There are still some seats available for the last city on our tour: Chicago on June 22.

Interesting ideas: Fabjectory, AlternativeConsumer, GoLoco, and MooBella.

I want to offer offer public and enthusiastic thanks to my fellow ACCM panelists: Anne Vargo (CDW), Karen Crist (DMInsite), Brian Smith(SingleFeed), Cam Balzer (DoubleClick/Performics), Craig Kronenberger (iCrossing), and Kim Painley (Kinetic).

Stuart Brown explains the power law observed in Technorati ranks.

I’ve been thinking recently about how one’s perspective influences what one sees.

From Todd Andrlik, a six minute video on a British subliminal advertising experiment.

Google Reader is the primary tool I use to read blogs. Here is how I use tags to organize the feeds I’m following.