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Jul 15 2015

Merkle|RKG Digital Marketing Report: Q2 2015 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Merkle|RKG’s Q2 2015 Digital Marketing Report for download. The report offers data and analyses to highlight trends across paid search, search engine optimization, display ads, comparison shopping engines, and other areas of digital marketing.

Feb 18 2011

What's the Matter with the Search Alliance?

Although it has seen gains in overall search share, the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance has had trouble monetizing its traffic.

Sep 25 2008

Stats: Online Shopping More-Or-Less Steady During Current US Financial Crisis

We do not observe broad weakness in online sales.

Sep 03 2008

Chrome: Strong Out Of The Gate

I've been using Google's new browser for a day and a half now. I like it.