Where does your brand fall on the practicality vs. style spectrum?

Google Reader is the primary tool I use to read blogs. Here is how I use tags to organize the feeds I’m following.

A user will stop and ponder each option presented to him wondering “What is this? Do I need this?” And in that split-second, your offer can lose its grip on that user’s attention.

Recommended for your web developers: Joel Spolsky’s little book on usability, “User Interface Design for Programmers.”

Call me old fashioned, but I agree with Godin’s purple cow thesis: the right way to capture attention, mindshare, word-of-mouth, buzz, and links is by having a remarkable product or service.

I’m a big fan of scattering great books around the office. It’s a cheap way to circulate fantastic ideas. Here are three outstanding books to toss into the IT bat-cave: Software Engineering For Internet Applications, Joel on Software, and Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age.

Bureaucracy: Stewart Butterfield on Yahoo, Moishe Lettvin on Microsoft

Two tidbits of wisdom from A-list bloggers.