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May 25 2008

NYT: With Soft Economy, Search Faring Better Than Display

NYT reports online display advertising having a tougher time than paid search in weak economy. “The new advertisers are more cautious about requiring some sort of proof or evidence that something is working,” reports GM of WeatherChannel.

Sep 27 2007

An Amazon Without Tabs? Downright Wrong, or Finally Right? You Decide

Yep, the site that made tabs a ubiquitous e-commerce navigation convention is at least considering making them go away.
But of course, Amazon always used tabs incorrectly, anyway. Right?

Aug 17 2007

Excellent 404 Handling

Five interesting resources on setting up top-notch 404 "Page Not Found" pages.

Apr 10 2007

Breadcrumbs Seldom Hurt, Often Help

Jakob Nielsen reminds us breadcrumb navigation is becoming increasingly popular and useful. Our web usability data agree.