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Mar 16 2012

Dayparting by Device: The Best Times to Reach Those New iPad Users

Can we just assume our dayparts are appropriate across all devices? User behavior suggests tablets and desktops are not neatly interchangeable, neither in the minds of users nor in how marketers should address them strategically.

Feb 08 2012

Analysis: Kindle Fire Conversion Rate Worse for Advertisers than iPhone

It's clear that consumers are buying and using the Kindle Fire in numbers that no one, but Apple, can claim. Exactly how those consumers appear to be using them may be of particular interest to marketers.

Oct 07 2011

Q3 Paid Search Data: Strong Growth Despite Economic Backdrop

Paid search remained resilient in Q3, with data from the RKG client base showing that year over year growth rates accelerated for both ad spend and revenue.

Mar 22 2011

Google to Change Tablet Targeting Options

A number of advertisers are beginning to receive emails from Google announcing upcoming changes to the ability to target tablet devices.