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Mar 11 2011

Google Mobile CPC: 41% Lower than Desktop

We wanted to get a clear view of Google mobile CPC compared to desktop by eliminating as many variables as possible. Here's what we found.

Mar 02 2011

Google "Farmer" Update: PPC Data and Impact

There have been a number of great articles written in the past week covering Google's recent "Farmer" algorithm change. We thought we could add to the discussion by focusing on the performance of these sites as Google Search Partners.

Feb 18 2011

What's the Matter with the Search Alliance?

Although it has seen gains in overall search share, the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance has had trouble monetizing its traffic.

Feb 03 2011

Online Sales Potential by Browser: Safari Users and Upgraders Lead

There is a real opportunity for advertisers to segment their spend by browser version or, more realistically, let Google try to do it for us.