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May 19 2011

Conduit Deal Boosting Paid Clicks Near 10%

What has been the impact of Microsoft's deal with Conduit, a provider of customizable toolbars, and what does it say about the future of search?

Apr 13 2011

Google Earnings Q1 2011: Good or Great?

Spending on and Google's network will dictate how well Google's earnings turn out this week. Across our client base, we see Google ad spend increasing 27% YoY in Q1.

Mar 11 2011

Google Mobile CPC: 41% Lower than Desktop

We wanted to get a clear view of Google mobile CPC compared to desktop by eliminating as many variables as possible. Here's what we found.

Mar 02 2011

Google "Farmer" Update: PPC Data and Impact

There have been a number of great articles written in the past week covering Google's recent "Farmer" algorithm change. We thought we could add to the discussion by focusing on the performance of these sites as Google Search Partners.