Across our clients, from January 2008 to February 2008, Google picked up 2.3 points of ad spend share. Across our clients, comparing February 2008 to February 2007, we did not observe evidence of an advertising or sales slow-down.

Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineLand’s illustrious Editor-In-Chief, emailed me some follow-up questions about how we buy clicks and how we allocate budgets.

Google Blog Search hiccuping?

Google adds surveying functionality to Google Docs Spreadsheets.

Great intro article on domaining by Jeremy Kirk over at Network World.

Here are our January 2008 PPC search engine share numbers.

I wish Yahoo and Microsoft all the best. But combining two organizations with serious problems in search wouldn’t yield one strong organization.

Yahoo open-sources some truly amazing code, such as YUI.

I demonstrate how RKG Duck can cluster keywords into related buckets.

Our hapless Duck picks 2000+ MFA spam pages in 48 hours.

Amusing: hacking Google analytics via Yahoo pipes.

From this month’s Catalog Success, fourteen important ideas for paid and natural search going into 2008.

Finding the right message for your PPC ads is important, and testing is a key component of a well run program. But too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Find out the sometimes hidden costs of over doing the copy changes.

Ken Auletta profiles Google in this week’s New Yorker.

Just before the holidays, Google’s Rick Klau spent some time chatting with me about RSS, online reputation monitoring, and recent changes to the Google search index algorithm.

From Catalog Success, an article on using free tools to sleuth your online competitors.

Whether your next release is a nifty widget or a workmanlike Holiday Gifts page you’ll probably want to take a look at Google’s Best Practices for Social Design.

Three Google news items of note: Open Handset, Open Social, and Reader share.

In October, across our clients, Google picked up 3 points of ad spend share, reaching 79% share. Google’s gain came at Yahoo’s expense: Yahoo’s share fell from 19% in September to 16% in October. Microsoft held steady in distant third, maintaining a 5% share.

Great talk from Jim Lecinski, Managing Director, Central Region, Google, on best practices for online marketing.

Linking over to SEL post on Quality Score.

DMA Chicago, a dynamic mix of the old and the new.

Links to some recent articles I wrote for Catalog Success magazine.

Paid search market share held relatively stable in September, with Yahoo picking up one point of share from Google.

Three interesting random Google links, courtesy of Philipp Lenssen.