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Mar 24 2008

NYT: A New Tool From Google Alarms Sites

Some follow-up thoughts on Google's search-within-the-site.

Jun 07 2007

Google, Yahoo "Panama", and Microsoft: Paid Search Market Share May 2007

We review May 2007 ad spend data for our agency. Google continues to dominate, with three fourths share. Google lost one point of share each to Yahoo and Microsoft. This small downward blip marks the first month in the last four in which Google did not gain share.

May 24 2007

Google, Opacity, and Transparency

A repost of a SEL article, suggesting that opacity is Google's Achille's heel, and that Extreme Transparency is the solution.

May 01 2007

iJobs to iGoogle: Hey, that's my iLetter!

TechCrunch and Blogoscoped reported yesterday on iGoogle, Google's rebranding of