I’ll be speaking at the AMA’s “Hot Topic” series on paid search in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago in April, May, and June.

What is intriguing about the search engine is its sheer breadth — you can do anything at Zombocom.

Incredible and strange online art from Masayuki Kido.

We offer this list of tactics to marketers interested in torpedoing their site’s conversion rate.

Google advocates for test driven development, no matter where an engineer sits.

A chracter encoding software bug produced this “handwritten” message.

On October 18th, English writer Sharon Jacobsen writes a blog post called Collecting People.
Fast forward sixty-seven days: “blog tag” has gone viral, with 15,000+ posts across the web.
Could you or your business create an idea so good it spreads like a virus?

For a smile, check out the cheesy Googlehead video on youtube.