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Mar 21 2008

Building Scalable Web Sites

If you're a retailer running a home-grown e-commerce stack, your engineers will enjoy and benefit from Cal Henderson's "Building Scalable Web Sites".

Oct 25 2007

World Modeling via PhotoSynth

Back from TED in March: Blaise Aguera y Arcas' PhotoSynth demo. Stunning technology from Microsoft Live Labs for building 3D models of the world from collections of regular snapshots.

Mar 12 2007

Database Scaling: War Stories From Leading Sites

If your own IT wizards are responsible for the care and feeding of your web app databases, I highly recommend this series of fascinating posts on database strategy put up by O'Reilly last spring. Tim O'Rielly interviewed prominent web sites on the nuts and bolts of their database approaches.

Oct 25 2006

Jawed Karim Speaks About Web Killer Apps

Jawed Karim speaks on the origins of YouTube and on the history of web killer apps.