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May 22 2009

GreaseMonkey: Google Reader Gold Stars Automatically Post To Delicious

Mentioned earlier, the GreaseMonkey script which pushes starred items from Google Reader into Delicious.

Jul 24 2007

Tip: Automate Repetitive Web Marketing Tasks Via FireFox

As many web marketing programs are managed through web apps, a little browser hackery can go a long way towards increasing the efficiency of the web marketing team.

Jan 18 2007

Yahoo To FireFox Users: Choose Us!

Yahoo has started campaigning Firefox users to change their default search engine from Google to Yahoo. Big big money at stake.

Jan 03 2007

Business Space Available: $19B per square foot

John Chow points out that Google pays FireFox for clicks generated from the FFox search box, and projects FFox may eventually become Google's largest traffic source.