Last week we transferred our FeedBurner account to Google and encountered some problems. This post discusses the bug fix in specific, and Feedburner in general.

Feedburner users: we recommend delaying migrating to Google Accounts as long as possible, as the current process is broken.

Our RSS subscriber counts are down 50% and our reach numbers down 60% after migrating from Feedburner to Google. Is this real, or a tracking hiccup?

Three Google news items of note: Open Handset, Open Social, and Reader share.

CoComment is a browser add-in that tracks responses to comments you leave on other people’s blogs.

Feeburner PRO is now free. Thanks, Google.

The online world is orbiting Mountain View. Not surprisingly, Google continues to pull in top talent and ideas.

Vecosys reports rumors Google is buying Feedburner.

More wisdom from “The Wizard”, FeedBurner’s founder Dick Costolo. To whit: focus on goals, not competitors.

Every interaction with a customer or client should be consistent with your brand. Even what is often the final step in the sales cycle — invoicing.

Great post on company culture from Dick Costolo, FeedBurner’s founder.

Realize that much of your RSS content will be read off-site. Monitor your feeds so that your content looks good regardless of where it ends up. Stick with absolute URLs for all links and images, whether on-site or off.

Online retailers not yet using RSS for marketing purposes should consider testing doing so. Use a validator regularly to ensure your feeds are well-formed.