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Jul 15 2015

Merkle|RKG Digital Marketing Report: Q2 2015 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Merkle|RKG’s Q2 2015 Digital Marketing Report for download. The report offers data and analyses to highlight trends across paid search, search engine optimization, display ads, comparison shopping engines, and other areas of digital marketing.

May 08 2012

Updates to Facebook's Ad Creation Tool

Facebook has quietly rolled out new changes to how ads are created through the Facebook Ad Creation Tool in Facebook’s user interface.

Feb 21 2012

Facebook's New Ad Character Limit and Pinterest's Nofollow Updates

Major updates from Facebook and Pinterest will change how marketers utilize each.

Sep 14 2011

Facebook Stats for Retailers: How Do You Compare?

Though not all Facebook Likes are equally valuable, comparing our own count to those of our competitors is a common proclivity and it can offer guidance as a high level benchmark, particularly if we consider some context.