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Mar 11 2008

Google / DoubleClick Acquisition Final Today

Tim Armstrong on the DoubleClick deal: "We are focused on uniting search and display online metrics and on improving the measurement and execution of media campaigns."

May 23 2007

ACCM Thanks

I want to offer offer public and enthusiastic thanks to my fellow ACCM panelists: Anne Vargo (CDW), Karen Crist (DMInsite), Brian Smith(SingleFeed), Cam Balzer (DoubleClick/Performics), Craig Kronenberger (iCrossing), and Kim Painley (Kinetic).

Apr 16 2007

DoubleClick Ruminations: Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft

Google grabbed the DoubleClick deal. Here are revised observations and prognostications.

Apr 02 2007

Google, Microsoft, and DoubleClick

WSJ is reporting Google might outbid MSFT for DoubleClick.