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Feb 24 2011

Paid Search Success Metrics by Length of Keyword

If we assume that keyword length is an imperfect-but-still-worthy proxy for the specificity of a phrase, then we’d expect to see a mathematically positive relationship between keyword length and conversion.

Mar 09 2007

Direct Marketing Focus: Leads vs. Conversion

In direct marketing, the quickest,easiest, more direct way to grow top line is by getting more qualified leads.

Jan 25 2007

19 Tactics to Destroy Online Conversion

We offer this list of tactics to marketers interested in torpedoing their site's conversion rate.

Jan 16 2007

Social Tagging and Effective E-commerce

This post introduces "The Effective Website” a bi-monthly column I’ve begun writing for Multichannel Merchant magazine. This month's column is about social tagging and e-commerce.