To help make sure your CSE efforts not only hold up, but excel this year, we offer 10 tips for a successful holiday program.

RSS feeds from search results make it easy to monitor your brand across the web.

Here are the top 30 RKG blog post titles to date.

RSS is about content, not presentation.

Just before the holidays, Google’s Rick Klau spent some time chatting with me about RSS, online reputation monitoring, and recent changes to the Google search index algorithm.

CoComment is a browser add-in that tracks responses to comments you leave on other people’s blogs.

Interesting ideas: Fabjectory, AlternativeConsumer, GoLoco, and MooBella.

Update from Jay Heavilon on the ARTS-NRF CSE initiative.

If your company currently advertises using CSEs — or if your company is thinking about starting -– the ARTS-NRF CSE standardization effort will help you. Here are four steps to support this initiative.

SEM Pricing: Bundled Prices vs A La Carte. Are you better off buying services for SEM, CSE, Affiliate Management, and SEO all under one price structure, or buying each service separately? George Michie discusses the value of the a la carte model.