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Sep 02 2008

What Google Chrome Means To Retailers: Early Thoughts From Reading The Comic

In the next few days, Google will release an open source browser named Chrome.

Jul 16 2008

Search Engines From The Engineering Perspective: Notes on MSN's migration from API v4 to v 5.1

Our thanks to the MSN engineers for the many calls and emails clarifying the V5.1 API docs. These are places we hit snags.

Jun 23 2008

New Video: Save Time On Your PPC Projects Using RKGDuck

Here's a new RKGDuck video showing how in a couple minutes you can write a powerful filter to assist with cleaning up keyword lists.

Jun 22 2008

YAPC 2008

For the third year, we're proud to have sponsored the annual North American Perl conference, a great geek conference which occurred last week in Chicago.