The folks over at Wesabe describe a neat idea for protecting private data in a database: they call it the “privacy wall.”

Hadn’t known Excel allowed custom graph types — a real timesaver.

Inbound links are precious. Not only do they matter to search engines, but they reflect the interconnected relationships of pages and people and ideas on the web. When reorganizing your site, don’t break the old links. Redirect visitors to the new URL.

My Outlook PST file died badly this week. The key steps for me to recover the file was scanpst.exe and using Outlook’s “Export As PST” functionality.

Ever ask, “How much more or how much less ought I be spending on advertising?” Here’s a simple model with accompanying Excel spreadsheet to help answer this question.

Yahoo Pipes is a beta Yahoo service that allows non-programmers to create RSS mashups.

Rosenberg tours many of the key ideas and people of the modern software movement. Kudos for smartly organized writing covering a lot of difficult terrain.

Google advocates for test driven development, no matter where an engineer sits.

Google missed renewing, and so lost control of their German domain for several hours. If this can happen to the leading firm on the web, it can happen to you.

Here’s a five minute tip which can boost your organic rankings: remove duplicate pages in the search engines by handling your own URL cannonicalization.

A chracter encoding software bug produced this “handwritten” message.

A mysql upgrade scrambled quote characters across this blog. This technical post explains the fix. Off topic — not a marketing post.

I’m a big fan of scattering great books around the office. It’s a cheap way to circulate fantastic ideas. Here are three outstanding books to toss into the IT bat-cave: Software Engineering For Internet Applications, Joel on Software, and Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age.

Preventing SQL injection isn’t all that hard — yet 11% of sites haven’t got it right yet.

A quick hack to get WP admin privileges if you have a root password for the relevant server

Our engineers are really pleased with the support, docs, and architecture of the Yahoo new platform. We’re optimistic and think it will be win for Yahoo and advertisers.

I’m pleased to see Yahoo taking a more open approach to their paid search relaunch.