From this month’s Catalog Success, fourteen important ideas for paid and natural search going into 2008.

Something broke on my computer and Windows insisted on opening all folders in new windows. Hebert Jeremy’s registry hack finally solved this.

Steve Souder’s new book, High Performance Web Sites, is excellent. He describes how front end design choices can speed up a site by 10 to 20%.

Too many online retailers lack IT agility, despite having great developers. Why? How much blame should be placed on their development methodology?

Many online retailers are either heading into or just coming out of a site redesign. Often a redesign means all new URLs. Budget the necessary time and effort to keep all your historic URLs working.

Some thoughts on migrating our corporate site to Wordpress, along with some code snippets.

From Catalog Success, an article on using free tools to sleuth your online competitors.

Direct marketing testing is both art and science. Here are three situations where “statistically significant” results might not have business significance.

Helpful info from PayPal: fake credit card numbers with valid checksums, good for test orders.

Interesting free and/or open source alternatives for handling online meetings, videos, screenshots, and files.

Back from TED in March: Blaise Aguera y Arcas’ PhotoSynth demo. Stunning technology from Microsoft Live Labs for building 3D models of the world from collections of regular snapshots.

Online marketing is evolving so quickly, there typically isn’t time to engineer the “perfect process” out of the gate.

Links to some recent articles I wrote for Catalog Success magazine.

Five interesting resources on setting up top-notch 404 “Page Not Found” pages.

My shower sprung a leak. Google hands me a scarily perfect search result. AI is just very large scale computation, Larry Page predicts.

You can clean up your Microsoft Outlook contact list using Excel, easily and at no cost.

As many web marketing programs are managed through web apps, a little browser hackery can go a long way towards increasing the efficiency of the web marketing team.

We’re pleased to sponsor YAPC North America, next week in Houston.

Went to BeCamp, my first un-conference this last weekend, and it was great. If “all the good stuff at a conference happens in the hallway”, an unconference is way to have nothing but “hallway”.

Yesterday Yahoo announced they are opening up the API to their new search platform (aka “Panama”). I caught up with Dan Boberg, Yahoo’s Managing Director of Sales Technology by phone yesterday to talk about this API announcement.

The open source software movement never ceases to amaze. Beyond the wildly successful open source behemoths — Linux, Apache, MySql, etc — there’s a whole ecosystem of amazing little apps like TrueCrypt, SevenZip, and OpenVPN.

Last week I had the opportunity to try two new operating systems: Vista and Ubuntu. Both worked great. Ubuntu impresses, even on four year old hardware.

Need a temporary email to receive a registration from a website? Try Mailinator.

If your own IT wizards are responsible for the care and feeding of your web app databases, I highly recommend this series of fascinating posts on database strategy put up by O’Reilly last spring. Tim O’Rielly interviewed prominent web sites on the nuts and bolts of their database approaches.

Hardening an e-commerce web site is hard, and too many web retailers underestimate the risk of attack.