An excellent powerpoint giving technical background on some newer approaches for websites attacks..

Allowing inbound links to fail on nonexistent pages is a marketing crime.

If advanced database topics quicken your pulse, check out OpenSQL Camp.

Our blog just crossed the 100,000 mark on spam blog comments.

Posting my solution on how to export starred posts from Google Reader.

Never send fatal errors to outside world.

Driving in this morning, three stories on NPR caught my ear as having a paid search angle.

I’ve been using Google’s new browser for a day and a half now. I like it.

In the next few days, Google will release an open source browser named Chrome.

Our thanks to the MSN engineers for the many calls and emails clarifying the V5.1 API docs. These are places we hit snags.

Here’s a new RKGDuck video showing how in a couple minutes you can write a powerful filter to assist with cleaning up keyword lists.

For the third year, we’re proud to have sponsored the annual North American Perl conference, a great geek conference which occurred last week in Chicago.

Online retailers seeking more agility in their web development should give “Getting Real” by 37Signals a thoughtful read.

Crazy idea for a e-comm architecture: render the whole site in static HTML each evening, with prices and quantities accurate as of when written. Then use tiny fast AJAX calls throughout the day to update only those few bytes on each page that really change.

If you’re benefiting from the Open Source Movement, give something back.

I’m fascinated by Google’s recent announcement of Google App Engine.

I’m honored to be invited back to MIT to speak on “The Business And Mathematics of Pay-Per-Click Bidding” May 30, 2008, at MIT’s Tang Center.

Here’s a video from Steve Souder speaking about site speed at Google in November.

Shhhh… RKG engineers crack Google’s PR server.

If you’re a retailer running a home-grown e-commerce stack, your engineers will enjoy and benefit from Cal Henderson’s “Building Scalable Web Sites”.

I recorded my NEMOA presentation and posted video.

Yahoo open-sources some truly amazing code, such as YUI.

I demonstrate how RKG Duck can cluster keywords into related buckets.

Amusing: hacking Google analytics via Yahoo pipes.

Yesterday on SearchEngineLand we announced the opensourcing of RKG Duck, a powerful tool which lets you run filters on the Windows clipboard.