What should I be looking for in respects to ROI on keyword spends?

ComScore’s Magid Abraham and James Lamberti explain Google’s “surprising” January PPC results.

Across our clients, from January 2008 to February 2008, Google picked up 2.3 points of ad spend share. Across our clients, comparing February 2008 to February 2007, we did not observe evidence of an advertising or sales slow-down.

News flash: the category leaders in Search, Portals, and Auctions have all the traffic!

Does blogging change the relationship between corporation and customer? I think it does.

It you work in the catalog industry, either as a mailer or a vendor, check out the American Catalog Mailer’s Association, and consider getting your company involved.

As marketers, we need to present our case multiple times, consistently and compellingly, before our audience takes notice. Fun video from Quirkology.

How you pay your SEM agency determines how they will act.

NEMOA’s Spring 2008 Conference is March 12-14, 2008, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge.

I wish Yahoo and Microsoft all the best. But combining two organizations with serious problems in search wouldn’t yield one strong organization.

Legal analysis of copyrights and jurisdiction, as each relates to web marketing.

Marty Eisenstein shares some presentations on web intellectual property law. Part 1 covers trademarks.

Ken Auletta profiles Google in this week’s New Yorker.

“Will the web turn everyone into a direct marketer? My short answer is: everyone’s gonna try.” Paul Farris

Just before the holidays, Google’s Rick Klau spent some time chatting with me about RSS, online reputation monitoring, and recent changes to the Google search index algorithm.

Kudos to eschewing bad profits and dropping their nuisance fees.

This blue line shows the median lift in comp-site sales, this year’s holiday vs. last year. The downward slope of the red line indicates the holiday lift is eroding.

In bidding as in newspaper columns, use caution when using averages to characterize highly skewed or highly dispersed distributions.

If our Thanksgiving week numbers are any indication, it also appears that more and more consumers are skirting the brick-and-mortar crowds on Black Friday in favor of making purchases online.

Direct marketing testing is both art and science. Here are three situations where “statistically significant” results might not have business significance.

Helpful info from PayPal: fake credit card numbers with valid checksums, good for test orders.

Three Google news items of note: Open Handset, Open Social, and Reader share.

Online marketing is evolving so quickly, there typically isn’t time to engineer the “perfect process” out of the gate.

Martin Eisenstein will be speaking at the “Online Marketing Update @ Darden” on October 21 through 24 at UVA. He’s provided some excellent summaries of privacy law and gift certificate law, state by state. increases its lobbying efforts, starting with web taxation.