For the first time, Google nudges Yahoo out of the top spot as most popular US site.

Focus your efforts on merchandising the first twenty pages of your catalog, your website home page, and website top-level product category pages with order starters.

A small mathematical model to help understand the relationship between never-mails and the bottom line.

Two really interesting interviews with Chris Anderson and Michael Arrington on Charlie Rose back in March.

ProQuo is a venture-backed company hoping to profit from consumer opt-outs and opt-ins.

I’m honored to be invited back to MIT to speak on “The Business And Mathematics of Pay-Per-Click Bidding” May 30, 2008, at MIT’s Tang Center.

I have a post on SEL hattipping the titans of direct mail for insight into paid search.

Providing searchers what they really want also gets retailers what they really want: more sales.

Forrester’s Carrie Johnson speaking on the idea, “Search Is.”

Good FastCompany article on the downfall of the House Of AOL. Worth a read.

Anyone else find it strange Google’s keeping the affiliate piece of Performics?

I really like Gary Varynerchuk’s video on technology, goodness, and transparency in life and business.

March was another month where, in aggregate, Google took another tiny slice of the pie away from Yahoo.

Chuck Teller is Executive Director of CatalogChoice, a catalog do-not-mail service. In this podcast, Chuck discusses his organization and how it impacts cataloging.

Polyvore lets people make collages of cool products from across the web.

If you’re mailing catalogs, are you watching what is happening over at Catalog Choice?

Don’t choose a e-commerce platform; first, choose the type of platform, then choose the right platform of that type.

Some follow-up thoughts on Google’s search-within-the-site.

Several of our clients report receiving fake Adwords phishing emails.

I recorded my NEMOA presentation and posted video.

Linking to a SEL post on site speed, Google quality score, usability, conversion, and reducing your carbon footprint.

NEMOA followup.

I’m in Cambridge at the spring NEMOA Here are some quick notes.

Tim Armstrong on the DoubleClick deal: “We are focused on uniting search and display online metrics and on improving the measurement and execution of media campaigns.”

Here’s a transcript and a podcast of an enjoyable conversation with multichannel expert Kevin Hillstrom.