Blog fonts: small, medium, or large?

Stuart Brown explains the power law observed in Technorati ranks.

Google Reader is the primary tool I use to read blogs. Here is how I use tags to organize the feeds I’m following.

Rajesh Setty offers 20 “Things They Didn’t Tell You About Blogging.”

We’re removing rel=”no follow” tag from our comment links. We link generously.

Am I the only one who sees irony in Strumpette praising Andrew Keen’s new book blasting anonymous blogging?

What belongs on your site and what does not, and the extent to which different rules apply to your blog is a conversation worth having.

BlogPulse is a useful free tool that lets you track trends in the use of terms across the blogosphere.

Honored to make to the Power 150 List of top marketing blogs.

Last week’s experiment of mashing up blog post headline from breaking news stories flops. As always, solid content wins, tricks lose.

The inside scoop on Alberto Gonzales, the Viacom / YouTube lawsuit, and Angelina Jolie.

Every interaction with a customer or client should be consistent with your brand. Even what is often the final step in the sales cycle — invoicing.

An automated robot spam comment on an old post on the search marketing client – agency relationship is ironically amusing.

17 ideas for using RSS for online marketing.

Delighted to see our blog named to Todd And’s list of 150 Top Marketing Blogs. We’re honored.

Few online retailers are yet using RSS for marketing. RSS is easier to implement than email. Most retailers should be able to develop RSS marketing programs using in-house IT resources.

When I encountered John Chow’s blog last year, I first found his writing annoying. But over time his blog grew on me, and I’ve found John’s advice on generating links and traffic to be solid.

MailBucket: a wonderfully simple and free means to burn email to RSS. Kudos to Tom Dyson for providing this excellent resource.

Realize that much of your RSS content will be read off-site. Monitor your feeds so that your content looks good regardless of where it ends up. Stick with absolute URLs for all links and images, whether on-site or off.

We’re hosting the marketing carnival this week and next. Jeff Larche of DigitalSolid and Ilya Vedrashko of MIT’s AdvertisingLab discuss smart billboards.

Online retailers not yet using RSS for marketing purposes should consider testing doing so. Use a validator regularly to ensure your feeds are well-formed.

A mysql upgrade scrambled quote characters across this blog. This technical post explains the fix. Off topic — not a marketing post.

We’re migrating our corporate site to Wordpress. In this technical post, we discuss using static pages in Wordpress, breadcrumbs, contextual nav, and helpful plugins.

Can blogging really increase sales? Hugh Macleod tells the story of South African winemaker Stormhoek.

From Mack Collier of the Viral Garden, a list of marketing blogs both large and small for consideration.