Here is a “funny” blog.

Purple cauliflower is a purple cow.

One of of this blog’s posts progresses to the final round of the SEMMYs — the award for best PPC blog post of the year.

Congratulations to Ryan Gibson that his recent blog post, “Starting from Scratch: A Paid Search Primer”, was nominated for a best-post-of-2007 award.

Just before the holidays, Google’s Rick Klau spent some time chatting with me about RSS, online reputation monitoring, and recent changes to the Google search index algorithm.

McLeod: “If you’re one of these people considering giving up on blogging in exchange for paying more attention to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, or whatever they throw at us mere mortals, bear in mind you are giving up on something rather unique and wonderful.”

Some thoughts on migrating our corporate site to Wordpress, along with some code snippets.

We report on our progress porting our site to WordPress.

This was a new one for me: a job seeker running AdWords against a brand name to try get an interview. Ack!

We run an internal blog where all employees can post, and it is working well for us.

CoComment is a browser add-in that tracks responses to comments you leave on other people’s blogs.

Seth Godin points to research by Steven Johnson comparing book sales success to book language complexity.

Links to some recent articles I wrote for Catalog Success magazine.

From Mashable, an encyclopedic list of online resources for images, video, and sound. Excellent quality content, and highly effective linkbait.

I’m helping organize an open enrollment executive education course on online marketing at UVA’s Darden School this fall. Come learn about online marketing from the people, companies, and academics shaping tomorrow’s web.

Last Wednesday I was interviewed for “Online Marketing with RSS Ray.” We’re truly in the age of the micro-publisher.

Feeburner PRO is now free. Thanks, Google.

Test your knowledge of the marketing implications of social media on this 40 question test.

OnlyWire saves links to multiple bookmarking sites in one click.

Got a friend or colleague who’s dragging their feet getting on the blog reading bandwagon? Do you know they’d love it if someone would just explain RSS in plain English? Then ask them to watch this video. It’s called… “RSS in Plain English.”

Yahoo clarifies quality.

Colt is a Firefox extension to copy a hyperlink’s text and URL simultaneously.

Todd Andrlik’s Power 150 is a great resource.

Titles matter a great deal for online marketing: for pages, for products, and for posts.

Vecosys reports rumors Google is buying Feedburner.