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Dec 31 2008

AMZN: Ops Excellence

Amazon's fufillment system is mind-bogglingly good. So good, I only notice it when buying elsewhere.

Sep 27 2007

An Amazon Without Tabs? Downright Wrong, or Finally Right? You Decide

Yep, the site that made tabs a ubiquitous e-commerce navigation convention is at least considering making them go away.
But of course, Amazon always used tabs incorrectly, anyway. Right?

Jul 17 2007

Subscribe and Save beta at Amazon

As a marketer, wouldn’t you love to receive permission to charge your customer’s credit card for a new order once a month? Or at least every 2 months? Or three?
How much of your margin would you be willing to sacrifice for this frequency?

Apr 23 2007

Cheaper Than Free: -$5 Shipping at AMZN's

Shipping isn't really free, even when retailers price it at zero. Amazon raises (lowers?) the bar again, with negative $5 shipping for the launch. The direct marketing industry shudders.