Crazy idea for a e-comm architecture: render the whole site in static HTML each evening, with prices and quantities accurate as of when written. Then use tiny fast AJAX calls throughout the day to update only those few bytes on each page that really change.

Yahoo’s LiveSearch over at AllTheWeb uses AJAX to build search results pages on the fly, as you type.

Yahoo Pipes is a beta Yahoo service that allows non-programmers to create RSS mashups.

Rosenberg tours many of the key ideas and people of the modern software movement. Kudos for smartly organized writing covering a lot of difficult terrain.

Here’s an assortment of some interesting links recently encountered: Google quality score, trademarks, and bidding; time zone detangling; image cropping; postal mail scanning; patent searching; & online scribbling.

Ajax permits entire new online metaphors, and will revolutionize online retail. Four sites worth checking out for ideas: Allurent, YesNoMayB, Shopify, and Wufoo.

Jeremy Keith’s “Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model” is really decent.