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Jun 24 2008

"Yang" Befuddled By Google's Lack Of Transparency

"But one thing that struck me is that I just found out today that the way AdSense works is we don't actually know how much of a cut we're getting. We just take their ads and run them on our site and they send us a check at the end of the month, and we trust them to give us a fair amount of whatever they were paid, though there's no actual way to determine what a fair amount might be." - FJY

Feb 07 2008

Domain Kiting, Domain Tasting, Domain Front-Running: Blech!

Great intro article on domaining by Jeremy Kirk over at Network World.

Sep 24 2007 Ends Premium Content, Says Links are OK

While The Times may be a bit late to acknowledge the full effect of search engines, blogs and social media on their business model, they’re happy to ask their readers to help them catch up.

Aug 08 2007

Larry Page, Strong AI, and My Leaking Shower

My shower sprung a leak. Google hands me a scarily perfect search result. AI is just very large scale computation, Larry Page predicts.