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Jan 03 2008

In Software, The Interface Is The Product

Too many online retailers lack IT agility, despite having great developers. Why? How much blame should be placed on their development methodology?

Apr 19 2007

Assorted Interesting Links: Bell, Schmidt, Linderman, Madsen

Assorted interesting links: Josh Bell, Eric Schmidt, Matt Linderman, and Joe Madsen.

Jan 27 2007

What We're Reading: Dreaming In Code, Scott Rosenberg

Rosenberg tours many of the key ideas and people of the modern software movement. Kudos for smartly organized writing covering a lot of difficult terrain.

Nov 08 2006

Grab-bag of Interesting Links

Here's a grab-bag of interesting links from the last few weeks: Google Checkout, Google Goals,, Multichannel Buyers, Abandoned Carts, Godin, Spock, Eepybird II, Real Time Analytics