Sep 282009

Social Media Can Save You

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Social media can’t build your brand strategy, complete customer-care or package your product, but it can save your brand.

This may sound a bit “hasty” to you nay-sayers out there. But, if you start with a decent brand and have a more than halfhearted commitment to your customers/audience it can help breathe new life into a forgotten, old-timer or an out of control Little Miss Popular.

So your brand is old. You had your idea, you pioneered the product and made some sales… And then the Internet was born. Whoa, now what? Or your brand came along and was so trendy, so popular that it has sky rocketed, even beyond your target audience, to reach global recognition and infatuation (Well, pin a rose on your nose...) But this doesn’t mean you’re doing everything right.

From the forgotten old-timer to the most-popular-kid-in school, troubles arise. If you’re the forgotten alumni quarterback, you need to stop reliving the glory days and start something new. And when everyone begins to copy and steal the style of the most popular kid, it’s time to change that style up and blow everyone away with something revolutionary.

Be innovative, no matter your product, your style or your brand… Commit to doing something new and reaching out to the public. Start a blog, throw up some tweets, spread content through Digg, delicious and Stumbleupon and even get yourself on Facebook. Don’t overwhelm the interwebs with your brand, start out slow and let your audience know you’re there for them.

don't be a fish out of water

The goal here is to rebuild, reestablish or revive your brand. Feature a new blog on your website, or point to it from your site. Publish interesting articles, related to but not directly about your brand. Give your audience something to subscribe to! The unusual, interesting, surprising and epic do well here. Join Twitter – be funny (if you can), provide your audience with useful information they can’t find on your website and promote yourself a little. Host a Facebook page where users can become fans of your brand, share images with them and always respond to inquiring messages, comments, etc. – engage your audience, they’ll love and trust you for it!

Social media is a sea of big fish, small fish and the occasional icky seaweed. Work your way through the big fish (Twitter, blogging and Facebook), small fish (Kontain, Flickr) and seaweed (MySpace) to find what works for your brand. Just don't be a fish out of water.

The bottom line: consumers dominate social media. Therefore, you as a dinosaur or a queen bee brand not taking advantage - wise up!


2 Responses to "Social Media Can Save You"
Charles Lau says:
I don't agree that social media can save a brand completely. Social media is still at an amateurish stage where many big companies are still thinking of how to tap onto this huge media where consumers dominate. There is still no proven method out there which companies can use to build their brand through social media. Unlike the traditional media, social media is a community where it allows dual communications between brands and consumers. Brands are so used to isolating their consumers to communicate individually (via email, telephone or customer service). If they were to communicate on a broadcast level, they may not be able to handle well and cause even more heated problems between consumers. Furthermore, there are so many companies out there who build Facebook fan pages for the sake of joining the crowd... Many of these companies have not thought how they can build a full fledge project of handling social media... For example, I have seen some movies setting up fan pages which eventually faced a problem of how to terminate the whole page gracefully...
@Charles, Definitely true; depending on how social media is used it can either greatly strengthen a brand's position or miss the mark entirely. As with many facets of social media and internet marketing, what works for one company/brand may not be the best fit for the next. One of the biggest hurdles facing brands, particularly large brands, with social media is the very issue you mention of not being able to effectively manage communication on such a large scale level. It is important for any brand beginning any social media marketing initiative to find what works for them and put the amount of effort in that they wish to receive in return. As social media grows and gains even further popularity, we will see how brands begin to handle the market; and as we've seen recently, those that engage and put whole-hearted effort into social media will see the return and those who don't won't. Thanks for commenting and keeping the conversation flowing!

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