May 222007

Simon Nynens: I don't want to hear the bell ring.

Heard today at ACCM:

I'm a Dutchman, so they sent me to Harvard to learn strategy. And after all those books and professors, I really believe it is most about execution.

For example, I installed a bell. The bell rings if any caller is on hold for more than 10 seconds.

They said, Simon, we're a big company, we can't do this.

I did it.

If our callers are on hold for too long, the bell rings across the whole company.

And let me tell you, I don't like to hear that bell ring.

Simon Nynens, Chairman and CEO, Wayside (WSTG), parent company of Programmer's Paradise


3 Responses to "Simon Nynens: I don't want to hear the bell ring."
Danny Bush says:
Hello; I wanted to comment on Wayside Technology. This company is such a disappointment. The CEO keeps talking about VMware, with no personality of its own. VMWARE is successful, not Wayside. They need to implement something new, not just sell other people's software...Just a retail shop...not even a good one. I'd rather buy my software at CDW, much more professional shop. Thanks...I sold all my shares today. Never made a penny from this company. Thanks
Why wasting time and effort talking about Wayside Technology Group? They are not worth the effort. They are a small company; their share has no volume at all and keeps decreasing. They have no innovation whatsoever; they are cloning. They are re-branding and copying others. Please avoid them. Thanks
Simon gave a great talk that day at ACCM. Had you been there, you'd probably have agreed. Cheers -- Alan

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