Apr 12011

SEO Scalpel: Advanced Search Engine Optimization Crawling Tool

We've been designing a robust, advanced, and powerful SEO crawling tool over the last several months. SEO Scalpel is designed to focus in on very defined, specific criteria on a site and deliver it in CSV files for deeper analysis.

A partial list of SEO Scalpel's functionality is as follows:

  • Efficient and fast crawling
  • Scales up to millions of URLs per session
  • User agent configuration
  • Option to store a local copy of fetched URLs

Literally anything located in source code can be fetched individually, including:

  • Any meta data field
  • Any HTML tag, e.g. h(x), em, strong, etc
  • Any href attribute, e.g. nofollow

Additionally, SEO Scalpel can fetch "thin" pages on a domain by analyzing content length (as defined as written word text, rather than code, comments, etc.) and comparing that to overall page weight.

And much more....



15 Responses to "SEO Scalpel: Advanced Search Engine Optimization Crawling Tool"
SEO Mofo says:
Sounds like it could be very useful. What kind of license will you be releasing it under? Will it be Windows only?
Adam Audette says:
There will likely be a free version with some limitations, and a free version with all the bells and whistles. It will be Windows only to start, with plans for a Mac version coming soon after (most of us are on Macs at AudetteMedia, and we use virtual Windows drives).
SEO Mofo says:
Well as long as they're both free...I guess I'll go with the bells and whistles. ;)
Adam Audette says:
Ha! Whoops - meant to say, the bells and whistles version will have a fee associated. :)
This looks like a helpful tool for SEO. Really, anything that makes the process easier is great to have. Thanks for sharing.
Hi Adam, Count me in as being interested in trying out the tool. Will try to watch Google Reader for updates, but feel free to add me to a mailing list for the announcement of launch. Thanks! Hope Foster-Reyes
Wayne says:
Any update on when the seo scalpel will be available?
Adam Audette says:
Thanks for your interest, Wayne. No firm launch date yet - we're hoping for this summer. Sorry I wish I could tell you more, for now we're heads down in development.
Wayne says:
Thanks for the update Adam. Any chance you could add me to a notification list so that I know when its ready? Or just post an update here so I get the notification. I get the feeling this is going to be a great tool.
Adam Audette says:
Will post an update here, Wayne, when the beta test is ready to go.
Wayne says:
I don't suppose the beta test announcement might happen while you're in Seattle would it?
Damien says:
Sounds good, any plans for a Mac version or a Cloud based version?
seo expert says:
Adam I must say your software will look great once its up and I hope it will consider onpage factors and their optimization. Sorry to ask too much but will touch some aspects of competitor analysis as you told that it can crawl many pages simultaneously.
Francois says:
Hi Adam, I'll be pleased to try your software where can I downloed it ? Thanks
Hi, The link above your article leads to a 404 and the image is broken. Cheers

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