Oct 212008

SEO Geeks Everywhere!

We recently had a small batch of t-shirts made and sent them out to our SEO friends. Here are some of the pictures we got back!

The t-shirt was accompanied with a letter asking for a photo of the recipient wearing it. Not everyone replied, but here are the ones that did.

Want an SEO Geek Shirt?

If you want a shirt do the following:

1. Follow me on twitter: @audette

2. Subscribe to our blog: http://www.audettemedia.com/feed

3. Comment here on the blog or send me a reply on twitter.

4. We'll send you a shirt!

The SEO Geeks

The awesome Bruce Clay team

The Bruce Clay geeks

The classy Lee Odden

Classy Lee Odden

Hamlet Batista rockin' the geek wear

Hamlet Batista is an SEO geek

Eric Lander's the man

Eric Lander rocks

Brian Chappel kickin' it in SEO geek wear

Brian Chappel in his shirt

Jordon Kasteler looking sharp

Jordan Kasteler is an SEO geek

Matt McGee is totally amped

Matt McGee getting fired up

David Mihm at the Deschutes Pub in Portland

David Mihm loves beer and SEO

Ben Goodsell sipping yerba mate and working it

Ben Goodsell loves yerba mate

The Jedi SEO geek Yoda did some collaboration with John at the office

Yoda collaborating with John Audette

Michael Martin representing the SEO Geekness proudly.

Michael Martin in the house

Anyone out there with an SEO geek that hasn't sent us a pic, please do so!


18 Responses to "SEO Geeks Everywhere!"
Jen says:
Hey there! Would love to give these away as raffle prizes at any of our upcoming meetings. Thanks!! ~Jen@COWPU
Matt McGee says:
AHEM ... and where is YOUR t-shirt, Mr. SEO Geek Audette? :-)
Adam Audette says:
@Matt you're right, I'm conspicuously absent. I'll correct that soon!
Adam Audette says:
@Jen what's COWPU?
Adam, Nice shirt if you can send a Large my way that would be awesome. Tough to beat the Acquisio "I hate Doing This Shit" at SMX Advanced earlier this year. You headin to PubCon next month? ,Michael Martin http://www.googleandblog.com/
Adam Audette says:
@Michael send me a reply on Twitter and I'll add you if I'm not already following you, so we can work out the snail mail details. Yup will be going to Pubcon next month representing Zappos!
@ Adam, I DMd u on Twitter but as a followup you can email me at mikem AT googleandblog DOT com
Been a subscriber for a while now, commented before, and just followed on Twitter (how's i miss that?) Just dm'd you via Twitter w/ snail mail details. Great idea! Thanks.
ABnCParties says:
Adam...love it. We need two and will have it on an upcoming video!
mike ward says:
John, Can we wear these SEO shirts around the hood? I've gotta have one.
@ Adam, Where is my shirt :) I pinged your Twitter and personal email with my address and info - still no reply. I may be speaking at PubCon South in Austin, so could wear it then or meet you there. ,Michael Martin http://www.googleandblog.com/
Got the SEO Geek Shirt and showed it off proudly with a link back to AudetteMedia on my PR4 About page at http://www.googleandblog.com/about/ Thank You, ,Michael Martin Google And Blog
Adam Audette says:
@Michael added your pic to the post!
Alex says:
That t-shirt rocks! That's the best link baiting campaign I've seen in years ;-) You really deserve a place in my feed reader. Can I have an XL? I hope you make international shipping since I live in Italy.
Adam Audette says:
Hey thanks Alex :) We're all out of shirts though... but plan on making another version. Stay tuned!
adam! hit me up if the new version is up for grabs, ayt? hope i'll be the first one to get a pic of it and post here! :D yebah!
Goalranks says:
really cool shirt, seo geeks!!
Tax Attorney says:
I should get that shirt as well. I've already subscribe to your blog and follow you on twitter. Give me the shirt! heheheh

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