Feb 92009

SEO Geeks Round 2: Business Card Holders

It's SEO geek accessory time again! Remember our fancy-dancy t-shirts we gave away a few months back? Well, we've gone a step further this time. The shirts were so popular that we ended up doing two large orders, and have given all of them away. It's time to up the ante...

Desk Holders with SEO Flair

We took counsel with our in-house adept, cardboard Yoda, and came up with a desk widget that's sure to please. The general design is for a business card holder, but we made the shelf wider so it will hold cell phones too, or iPods, or your wallet. Let your imagination be your guide, and use the Force.

From a flat piece of plated aluminum...

SEO geek holder before building it out

Going to SMW West next week? I'll have a few of these on hand.

Comes this glorious and honorable SEO Geek desk accoutrement...

the completed SEO geek holder

Shown with business cards in the image above, it can easily and effortlessly hold a mobile phone, sunglasses, or all sorts of other things (yes, even egg rolls). See the video for a demonstration by AudetteMedia SEO Jedi, Ben Goodsell:

Yoda embarked on a strenuous training session with our team for 17 straight days before we shot this video, as is obvious from the deft handiwork of the young Jedi Ben. The beer probably didn't hurt, either (hey it's Friday).

Want One? Only the Worthy

I'll be speaking at SMW West next week in Santa Clara, California USA, on the Search Marketing for Ecommerce panel, and will bring a few of these with me. Most are already spoken for, but if you hit me up by sending a trackback here and following me on Twitter, I'll see what I can do.

But wait - there's a small catch. Read on...

There's a catch with these: if we give you one, you'll have to figure out how to assemble it. It's not immediately apparent how to accomplish, but that's part of the fun (and it's not very hard). Once you have it assembled, please send me a photo of the finished product in action. Bonus points to anyone who can compete with our professional Web 2 user-your-imagination Web 1/2 video :)

Dedicated to the SEO geeks of the world!


5 Responses to "SEO Geeks Round 2: Business Card Holders"
Brewerman says:
Love the Hophenge-inspired vid. Epic.
Adam Audette says:
@Brewerman big ups for noticing the Hophenge. Definitely inspired us with its hoppy tasty awesomeness.
A tee says:
Good on ya mates! Top-form geekiness.
Leanne says:
Adam - We miss you and all the good folks from the LED. Glad to see you're keeping busy and still challenging us all! (... In this case: to imagine figuring out how to put your new widget together! ... Part of me wants one, the other part is afraid I might cry if I can't get it together immediately!)
roman says:
Just found this blog...lots of good info. Nice office. Yoda, fridge, beer. Looks like a great place to work. Unfortunately, I have to work in the spare room of the house. Grandma always yelling about her lost dentures. Probably why I cannot get as much work done as you guys. For anybody trying to assemble that thing just remeber, “Do or do not... there is no try.”

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