Nov 82008

Block Russian Comment Spam In Wordpress

If you run a WordPress blog, you may have noticed a significant uptick in Russian spam comments recently.

If this is an issue and you're running Akismet (recommended), you can tell Akismet to blacklist comments containing ".ru" in the comment body, name, URL, or e-mail. Go to Options > Discussions. Here's a screenshot.





7 Responses to "Block Russian Comment Spam In Wordpress"
Anarki says:
I found this article when I was searching if akismet can filter russian spam comments or it doesnt. Cause I have a lot of spam comments in my own blog. That phrase in russian sounds funny. I made a correct replacement for it. "А теперь, русские спаммеры, пожалуйста уйдите с моего сайта. Вы раздражаете блогосферу таким поведением."
Alex says:
Thanks for pointing out. Damn Russian spammers :).
Sig says:
This post was more helpful than all of my other search results. Thanks!!
Ken Chan says:
Wordpress reorganized everything. Now it's in Settings > Discussions.
I am also tired of these Russian Comments... and when I translate them using Google I always find them as SPAM :S Thanks for the Article... :)
j davis says:
I sometimes moderate comments on a friend's blog. I went on vacation and when I returned there were 2300 russian spam comments. He is using the oldest version of wordpress and I really don't have time to even use the bulk moderator which still involves deleting each one by clicking a box. Dam russians!! Why do they do stuff like this?
Phil Tyler says:
Nice post. I'm so sick of getting hundreds of russian comments. I have to be honest, at first I thought my site was a big hit in russia. I even translated a few of the comments and they actually sounded legit. The screen shot above was a nice touch. Thanks!

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