RSS Is About Content, Not Presentation

Last week we thought it would it be interesting to embed an AJAX poll in the body of a blog post, Selling Via Content: What’s Your Opinion of Dell Lounge?

We forgot that the majority of our readers follow this blog via RSS feeds or via email. Feedburner rendered the poll as a simple unordered HTML list, stripping the interactivity. We also used a smidge of CSS to hide the poll title auto-generated by Democracy. CSS doesn’t reach the feed, so that minor tweak was also lost.

Neither change mattered in this case, but the marketing takeaway is clear: RSS is about content, not presentation. Keep the markup in your feeds simple. Avoid embedded code. Make it easy for your content to fly free.

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    5 Responses to “RSS Is About Content, Not Presentation”
    1. There’s a nice, original post, Alan. Too often people just post rehashed stuff about rss (e.g. top 10 ways to increase rss subs, which are the same top 10 the other 50 people wrote in the other articles by the same name…). Found out about this blog through Stephan Spencer and am enjoying it a lot already – the HR question post was awesome :D.

      p.s. Any chance you guys might make the RKG duck 2 available in a form non-techy coders can use easily, and free? Get you lots of links I’ll bet…

    2. consultoria says:

      RSS is one of the most amazing tools I’ve found in my programming career, it’s just amazing how this little XML file can create huge amounts of good postings

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