Jan 232008

SEO / SEM Powertool: RKG Duck

Yesterday on SEL we announced RKG Duck, a powerful tool which lets you run filters on the Windows clipboard.

This can speed up routine tasks, or make difficult tasks possible.

Because it operates inside the Windows copy buffer, it works across just-about-every Windows app. (Sorry Stephan -- the tool doesn't support the more enlightened.)

We've included some sample filters for using RKG Duck to wrangle URLs and extract interesting strings from content. The real power is adding your own filters.

In the spirit of open source, if folks come up with interesting filters they want to share, email us or post them in the comments below. Of course, we'll give you credit and a backlink for sharing. I think it'd be cool to have a public shared resource of useful little filters...


rkg duck


5 Responses to "SEO / SEM Powertool: RKG Duck"
WOW!!. If this does what I think it does, then THANK YOU!!. I have been looking for a really simple way to extract URLs from the source code of the search results page, either no one understands what I mean, or they do and try to sell me on something else.
You're most welcome. Holler if you run into any problems. And links back to Duck or the blog appreciated, too. :)
Scott says:
Great looking tool. This doesn't appear to work on Windows Vista as no filters appear when you start the app.
Justin says:
Scott, I'm using this on Vista Home Premium (and several other machines). This is a PAR package of perl scripts and requires perl be installed on some systems. Download and install ActiveState's free ActivePerl product and it will work fine!
Scott says:
Thanks for the heads up Justin. Works a treat now :)

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