Mar 112009

PPC Workshop/Bootcamp?

Call us crazy, but, would folks be interested in an RKG-hosted, soup-to-nuts, "How to manage PPC programs" seminar?

We've kicked around the idea for years, but have never had the time to pull the thread.

We're thinking about a two-day intensive workshop covering the basics but also digging into advanced topics and Q & A. Heck, we might be able to give folks feedback and suggestions for actual accounts. Obviously, we're not going to give away the "secret sauce", but we'd go at least as far as we have on our blog.

The pricing might be something like:

$1k per person; with deep discounts for our clients.

Would we accept attendees who are competitors? Sure! The approach would be platform agnostic more or less, so hopefully useful to anyone who has a grasp of the fundamentals, and the fact that our competitors come to train with us might make good marketing fodder :-)

I don't know if we'd offer an RKG Certificate at the end or not.

Obviously, this concept isn't fully baked, but I'd love to get a sense of how many of our readers might be interested in such a thing sometime this summer. Feel free to shoot me an email offline if you'd prefer:


7 Responses to "PPC Workshop/Bootcamp?"
Bryan Simonson says:
I'd like to think that if I'm smart enough to follow your blog then I already know a thing or two about SEM... but in reality it never hurts to learn from the best.
Very interesting point, Bryan! We have a selection bias issue. The folks who think we're worth reading are the folks who'd benefit least from the training :-)
Sean Hecker says:
As an Entrepreneur with ADD two days of PPC might be a little too much. I'd suggest offering two different one day sessions (Beginner and Advanced) at $499 each. $499 psychologically sounds better than $500 in a down economy. That way I could take the beginner class this year and the advanced next year. Keep up the good work.
Harry Joiner says:
Are we talking about on onsite in C-ville? Or a two day teleseminar? If you could put together a teleseminar, then perhaps you could offer a monthly coaching plan with a PayPal-enabled continuity revenue model. Might be an interesting option for folks who can't travel or afford the time out of the office.
Thanks for the feedback! Sean, I like the idea of beginner and advanced sessions, and Harry the idea of doing it remotely is intriguing. Cuts down greatly on attendee cost (time and travel). It's hard to capture the "classroom environment" over the wires and the interaction in webinars just isn't the same, but it's interesting. The idea of monthly webinars/coaching is also quite interesting, but I fear I won't have the bandwidth to pull it off month-in, month-out.
Josh says:
We still manage some smaller sites internally. Some sort of more formal training for our staff here would be great. And deep discounts sound good too ;)
Marc Adelman says:
George, Great idea! I would be very interested in more of a remote program. Also separating the curriculum into 2 tracks would be great.

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