Aug 212007

Eight Observations On PPC Ad Copy

From our SEL column, here are eight observations about writing and testing pay-per-click ad copy. They're broad generalizations, but we've found them generally accurate.

  1. Copy is a 2nd-order effect.
  2. Bad copy hurts more than good copy helps.
  3. Ad copy is disproportionately interesting to senior management.
  4. Copy should sell you, not the SKU.
  5. Click-through isn't conversion.
  6. When testing ad copy for conversion, use duplicate-adgroup design.
  7. Use stats to distinguish signal from noise.
  8. Test shouts, not whispers.

Full article at SEL: Eight Essentials For Crafting Killer Paid Search Ad Copy

quality vs effectivess of ppc copy


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commissionblueprint... If your in the PPC game, you know the limitations that a 25 character headline and 35 character description lines can present. Fortunately, there are a number of short forms that can be used and get your message across. Not only that, but often these s...

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