Jun 06 2014

Video: How to Optimize Your Social Media Program for Facebook

Learn about the most important things to consider when crafting a Facebook strategy in order to take advantage of the world's largest social network.
Jun 05 2014

Bing Ads Should Rethink Its Changes to Tablet Segmentation

Bing Ads is moving closer to Google's model for Enhanced Campaigns, but will still allow some segmentation of tablet bids. Unfortunately, that won't be sufficient for many advertisers
Jun 03 2014

Googlebot is Crawling JavaScript: Is Your Site Ready?

While Google's ability to crawl JavaScript has been in the works for quite some time, it still presents challenges that may not be fully evident for months.
Jun 02 2014

Google Tracking Searchers More Precisely Than Ever, But Can't Determine Zip Code for Many Clicks

Average household income levers, proximity bidding, and betas measuring the in store impact of ads are all powered by the measured location of the user. But how much of an advertiser's traffic can Google measure at a granular level? We took a look at a few advertisers and found some interesting trends.
May 29 2014

Video: The Latest on Product Ads with Google and Bing

In this video, discover the latest on product ads for both Google and Bing. We'll discuss current and future Google PLA performance trends, detail how Bing's new product ads - recently out of beta - are stacking up, as well as how we think the new Shopping Campaigns will affect performance.
May 23 2014

Video: The Value of Mobile in Paid Search

In this video, discover our latest findings from the 2014 Q1 Digital Marketing Report in the area of mobile devices within paid search, and find out more about Google's new tool: Estimated Cross-Device Conversions.
May 20 2014

Bigger. Better? A New Look for Facebook’s Right-Hand Rail Ads

Facebook recently announced changes to ads in the right-hand rail. In short, advertisers will soon be required to use a larger image size, in the same proportions as desktop News Feed ads, and there will be fewer of the right-hand rail ad units.
May 15 2014

Video: 3 Pillars of Social Media Strategy

We're going to walk you through some of the most important things a brand should consider when forming their social media plan in a little segment that we like to call #socialstrategy101.
May 08 2014

Video: How to Measure the Value of Display Campaigns

Please watch this companion piece to our Dossier 5.1 article that discusses how marketers can best determine the effectiveness of display programs.
May 01 2014

Video: What to Do with Status Error Codes

I 201'd this video so I could talk through a variety of error codes, including some you may have already encountered and some you may have never seen before (and wouldn't want to).
Apr 30 2014

Taking Advantage of Enhanced Device Targeting Features in Bing Ads

As mobile traffic continues to grow, advertisers should take full advantage of Bing Ads' advanced device targeting capabilities.
Apr 29 2014

Preparing for Upcoming AdWords for Video (YouTube Ads) Updates

The AdWords for video campaign model is currently undergoing a major overhaul. We offer some tips on preparing for the most consequential changes.
Apr 24 2014

Video: Google Launches 'Not Provided' for Paid Search

In this video, RKG Paid Search Director Paul Koch addresses why Google pulled the trigger on 'Not Provided' and what this change means for AdWords advertisers.
Apr 23 2014

Step Inside AdWords Announcements and Reaction

Google's 'Step Inside AdWords' presentation at the AdWords Performance Forum delivered several updates for advertisers. Here we'll take a look at each and what their respective impact on the paid search landscape may be.
Apr 21 2014

How Will Yahoo Gemini Affect Your Search Program?

Yahoo has started migrating mobile traffic to its new Yahoo Gemini marketplace. What critical pieces of information should advertisers know about this transition?
Apr 17 2014

Video: Systemize Your Content for the SERPs

When it comes to optimizing content that matters most to search engine spiders that crawl your website, you can't afford to overlook the importance of these tips. The results truly speak for themselves.
Apr 17 2014

3 Good Reasons to Buy Google Stock Today

Google shares dropped 3% in after hours trading Wednesday after a disappointing earnings report, making today an excellent day to buy Google stock.
Apr 16 2014

Google Household Income Targets Nice, Not Quite What Advertisers Need

Google now offers demographic geo-targets for the United States based on average household income (HHI) for advertisers to use in setting bid modifiers based on the wealth of the area users are searching from. At RKG, we've fully explored how these income level targets behave, how much traffic is attributed to them in different set ups, and their usefulness in the future of geo-bidding.
Apr 15 2014

RKG Digital Marketing Report: Q1 2014 Released

RKG released our latest Digital Marketing Report today, covering Q1 2014. As always, the report spans a wide breadth of the digital marketing industry including paid and organic search, social, mobile, comparison shopping engines and display advertising.
Apr 09 2014

Google Brings "Not Provided" to AdWords

Google will start to omit user search queries from the referrer string passed to AdWords advertisers, resulting in "Not Provided" for paid search. What will it mean for advertisers?
Apr 04 2014

Branding with Paid Search

The importance of brand advertising as a part of your paid search program. How does this affect your paid search strategy?
Apr 03 2014

Video: Avoid these Pagination 'Gotchas'

In this video, I speak to three of the most commonly reported causes of unintentional duplication that occur during the setup of pagination, and what you can do to fix these troublesome 'gotchas.'
Apr 01 2014

Getting Started With International Paid Search

Best practices for targeting your international paid search program, structuring campaigns, and calculating geo-target bid modifiers.
Mar 31 2014

Facebook’s New and Notable Ad Features

Facebook is making advertising on their platform more accessible and useful with the transition to an ad objectives model and new call-to-action buttons.
Mar 28 2014

What Are Your Leads Leading To?

Every lead generator is different, but in the end they all need to get customers to the site, optimize landing pages for lead conversion, and learn to improve the lead capture process by valuing leads all the way through to the secondary conversion.