Aug 11 2014

Video: 2014 Q2 Findings to Prepare You for the Holidays

Discover just how well digital channels performed in Q2 of 2014, along with which factors drove growth the most, in this video from Paid Search VP Rachel Schnorr.
Aug 04 2014

Video: How to Optimize Your Social Media Program for Twitter

Are you optimizing your social media program to take advantage of Twitter's active and growing user base? This latest video in RKG's #socialseries discusses best practices for marketing on Twitter.
Jul 29 2014

Google Introduces PLA Product Ratings

Here's our take on a new extension for Google Product Listing Ads called Product Ratings. Product Ratings are displayed on a 5-star ranking system based on aggregated data from a variety of sources across the web.
Jul 25 2014

Video: Panda 4.0 – Anatomy of the Latest Bear

Dive into the technical inner workings of Google's updated Panda algorithm in this video from RKG Senior Search Analyst Ben Goodsell.
Jul 18 2014

Video: A Close Look at How Brands Leverage Facebook

In this video, see shining examples of how brands engage and build audiences on Facebook with help from tools and data that you, too, can access and implement into your own social media strategy.
Jul 15 2014

RKG Digital Marketing Report: Q2 2014 Released

We are happy to announce the release of the RKG Digital Marketing Report for Q2 2014. This quarter's report offers over 50 charts with insights and analysis on trends in paid search, search engine optimization, social media, product listing ads (PLAs), comparison shopping engines, display advertising and more.
Jul 14 2014

RKG on SEL -- George Michie's Posts

We all get behind in our reading periodically. I still write pretty regularly for Search Engine Land and we don't republish these on RKG Blog anymore. I thought I'd give a quick synopsis of the posts I've written for them recently with links to the full post.
Jul 10 2014

Video: Get to Know the Knowledge Graph

RKG Director of SEO Knowledge Kristan Dauble introduces you to the Knowledge Graph, and shares insights as to how it will ultimately bring users closer to your brand.
Jul 07 2014

What Google Shopping Campaign Priority Settings Really Mean

Many marketers have misunderstood the Shopping Campaign priority feature as allowing advertisers to specify that Google serve a particular product or set of products over other relevant products in lower priority campaigns. This is not the case.
Jul 02 2014

RKG Joins Leading CRM Agency Merkle

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We’re excited to announce that RKG is now a part of Merkle, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) firm. By coming together with Merkle, we can bring greater value to our clients through expanded services and expertise.
Jun 27 2014

Video: How to Review Your Backlink Profile

Here are some easy steps for how to gather the data you need to review your backlink profile, and how to identify potential areas of risk that contribute to decreased SERP rankings.
Jun 26 2014

Google Shopping Campaigns Overview: What You Should Know Before Transitioning

With PLAs making up an increasingly significant chunk of advertisers’ paid search programs, the Google Shopping Campaigns transition is understandably a hot topic right now across the industry. Here is a quick overview of some of the enhancements you can expect to see after transitioning to the new Shopping Campaigns, along with our take on how to structure your campaigns for success.
Jun 25 2014

How to Use Google's Auction Insights without Getting Caught in a Shootout

Conventional wisdom at RKG holds that when making strategic decisions, clients should focus on their own paid search goals and performance metrics rather than reacting to competitors’ actions. As a best practice we always follow that piece of advice; however, it can be beneficial to examine your competitive landscape to gain insight into what external factors may be affecting your PPC program. Google’s Auction Insights report is an extremely useful tool that can be used for just such a purpose.
Jun 23 2014

Why Doesn't Google's Shopping Campaigns Whitepaper Mention Item-Level Targets?

Google's recently released whitepaper outlining recommendations for the soon to be mandatory Shopping Campaign model offers up best practices for feed optimization, campaign structure, bid management, and mobile strategy. While there's plenty to dissect in this whitepaper, I found it interesting that Google chose not to mention item ID level targets at all in their structural recommendations.
Jun 19 2014

Video: How to Get Out of 'Google Jail'

Learn how to determine if you're under manual penalty from Google and the steps you can take to reclaim SEO strength.
Jun 16 2014

Facebook Ads: Now With More Data, More User Control

Facebook will give users more control over the ads they see, but they will also give advertisers insights into users' off-Facebook browsing behavior.
Jun 13 2014

10 Tips for Maximizing Your (Non-Q4) Peak Paid Search Season

The reality for many retailers is that the end of Q4 may not be most crucial time of year to drive sales volume. The following ten tips can help you to utilize paid search strategies to achieve a successful non-holiday peak season.
Jun 12 2014

Video: An Issue in the Paid and Organic Report

In this video, learn how Google's Paid and Organic report might not be providing the data you think it is.
Jun 09 2014

Why Google's Paid & Organic Report Might be Deceiving You

The AdWords Paid & Organic report isn't as useful as it could be because Google doesn't filter the organic data by the regions being targeted with ads.
Jun 06 2014

Video: How to Optimize Your Social Media Program for Facebook

Learn about the most important things to consider when crafting a Facebook strategy in order to take advantage of the world's largest social network.
Jun 05 2014

Bing Ads Should Rethink Its Changes to Tablet Segmentation

Bing Ads is moving closer to Google's model for Enhanced Campaigns, but will still allow some segmentation of tablet bids. Unfortunately, that won't be sufficient for many advertisers
Jun 03 2014

Googlebot is Crawling JavaScript: Is Your Site Ready?

While Google's ability to crawl JavaScript has been in the works for quite some time, it still presents challenges that may not be fully evident for months.
Jun 02 2014

Google Tracking Searchers More Precisely Than Ever, But Can't Determine Zip Code for Many Clicks

Average household income levers, proximity bidding, and betas measuring the in store impact of ads are all powered by the measured location of the user. But how much of an advertiser's traffic can Google measure at a granular level? We took a look at a few advertisers and found some interesting trends.
May 29 2014

Video: The Latest on Product Ads with Google and Bing

In this video, discover the latest on product ads for both Google and Bing. We'll discuss current and future Google PLA performance trends, detail how Bing's new product ads - recently out of beta - are stacking up, as well as how we think the new Shopping Campaigns will affect performance.
May 23 2014

Video: The Value of Mobile in Paid Search

In this video, discover our latest findings from the 2014 Q1 Digital Marketing Report in the area of mobile devices within paid search, and find out more about Google's new tool: Estimated Cross-Device Conversions.