Nov 19 2014

How Keyword Length Performance Can Impact Smartphone Paid Search Strategy

The differences in smartphone versus desktop/tablet SERPs, the clumsiness of users’ thumbs, and the large difference in CPCs between devices dictate that advertisers have to approach these spaces differently. Naturally, advertisers might be questioning if there are differences in how shorter queries perform versus longer queries.
Nov 13 2014

Video: How to Optimize Your Social Media Program for Instagram

Learn the ins and outs of Instagram, and see examples of brands successfully engaging users on the image-driven platform, in this RKG video from Price Thomas.
Nov 12 2014

Payback? eBay Dropped Google's Mobile Search Ads in Favor of Bing

A recent Google SEO penalty was significant enough to eBay's bottom line that they have addressed it as a factor that is weighing on their growth rate.The penalty may have also prompted eBay to reconsider its status as a Google search partner.
Nov 10 2014

New Google Shopping Test May Be Increasing Brand CPCs, Signaling Move Toward Google Marketplace

New and different Shopping result format tests are seemingly being pushed out every day. While most of these tests have shown relatively small differences in how the different products are displayed, such as being sorted by price as opposed to having prices mixed together, a new test seems to be taking the biggest leap yet in terms of impacting user experience, this time encroaching on brand oriented searches.
Nov 04 2014

Video: SEO for Holiday Pages

Follow the advice in this video from RKG Marketing Strategy Director Megan Geiss on how to keep your holiday web pages alive throughout the year.
Oct 28 2014

Video: Reach an International Audience with hreflang Tags

Watch SEO Technical Director Jody O'Donnell explain how you can add the hreflang tag to your website to improve your international strategy.
Oct 21 2014

Social Media for Social Good

So how did #strikeoutALS and other successful charitable campaigns, most notably #NoMakeUpSelfie and #Movember, leverage social media so successfully?
Oct 20 2014

Using Google's New Merchant Promotion Tool to Speed Up PLA Promo Changes

Google recently released a new tool in the Merchant Center that has made uploading Merchant Promotions for PLAs a bit more straightforward, allowing sites to add Merchant Promos with the click of a button.
Oct 16 2014

Holistic SEO: The Foundation of Your Conversion Funnel

Holistic SEO does more than just improve a site’s performance in organic search. It lays the foundation for all online touches with your brand by aligning your site’s content with what your unique users are looking for.
Oct 15 2014

Impact of Google Close Variant Matching Starting to Surface

It's been nearly two months since Google rolled out the release of mandatory close variant matching for all exact and phrase match keywords, much to the concern of RKG and others in paid search. Taking a look at the overall impact of this change, we are starting to see slight shifts in the makeup of Google traffic.
Oct 14 2014

RKG Digital Marketing Report: Q3 2014 Released

Today we are excited to release the Q3 2014 Edition of the RKG Digital Marketing Report. Download the report for over 50 detailed charts with insights and analysis on trends in paid search, search engine optimization, social media, product listing ads (PLAs), comparison shopping engines, display advertising and more.
Oct 10 2014

PPC Tips for Travel

With all the tools available to customize paid ads, it’s now easier and more important than ever to customize and improve relevancy in any way possible. Smart travel marketers know they need to utilize any advantage available to make their ads more attractive than those of their competitors. For that reason, here we present our top 10 PPC Tips for Travel. Following these tips will lead to better optimized, more relevant ads that convert better and ultimately drive more revenue. This infographic will explain how to leverage Geo-targeting, Location extensions within Google AdWords, Google Ad Parameters, Specificity in ad copy, Events, conferences and regional happenings, Sitelinks, Campaign segmentation by device, Multi-lingual ad copy, Flexible bidding strategy, and Testing for success.
Oct 07 2014

Video: A Close Look at How Brands Leverage Twitter

Dive further into the Twitterverse in this video from George Kamide and see real-world examples of brands engaging and building audiences on Twitter.
Oct 06 2014

How to Use Multi-Channel Data for SEO Analysis and Strategy

As a multi-service agency, RKG has many clients that work with us on multiple channels and our client service teams regularly share data and findings to help inform marketing decisions. Paid search, comparison shopping engines, and display advertising are all excellent data sources to help guide your SEO efforts.
Oct 02 2014

Google Launches Estimated Cross-Device Conversions for Display Ads

Advertisers have had this tool for search on for just over a year and have been able to incorporate cross-device data into their bidding and budget decisions. The extension of estimated cross-device conversions to Google’s Display Network is a logical next step in providing advertisers with the means to gain greater insight into overall AdWords performance.
Oct 01 2014

New-er Kid on the Block: Facebook Revamps Atlas

As announced earlier this week, Atlas, which was acquired by Facebook back in 2013 from Microsoft, has been rebuilt to now offer DSP (demand side platform) capabilities in addition to ad-serving. This integration makes the updated Atlas stack similar in offering to Google’s Doubleclick Campaign Manager (previously DFA) which provides ad serving capabilities and DSP services through its Doubleclick Bid Manager.
Sep 19 2014

What Google's Search Partner PLA Announcement Means for Advertisers

Google announced last week that PLAs are now be eligible to show on retail and commerce sites in the Google Search Network, similar to how text ads can currently show on search partner sites. Overall, we think this will be a positive for advertising retailers as it will increase PLA reach and volume.
Sep 15 2014

Is Google Driving Up AdWords CPCs in the Best Performing Geos?

As we move into adjusting bids based on more and more attributes, both geographic and not, it will only become more important to understand how Google’s auction is already impacting the cost per click paid for different audiences.
Sep 09 2014

Video: When to NoFollow Links

In this video from Kyla Becker, find out how to implement a rel="nofollow" tag in a link element and which links are top priority for receiving a "nofollow."
Sep 04 2014

The Hidden Dangers of AdWords International Broad Matching

One often overlooked feature of Google AdWords campaigns that affects broad matching is that Google determines ad relevancy by the user’s Google Language preferences and not the language of the query entered by the user.
Sep 03 2014

Video: How to Best Structure Your Google Shopping Campaigns

Part two of our three-part video series on Google Shopping Campaigns covers best practices for structuring your new Google Shopping Campaigns, along with pros and cons for three potential campaign structures.
Sep 02 2014

6 Ways to be Pin-Tastic on Pinterest, and Why You Should Want to Be

What should retailers do to make the most of Pinterest this holiday season and beyond? Here are six tips to help your content perform better on Pinterest.
Aug 27 2014

The Profit Playbook: Avoiding a Marketing Death Spiral

What ROI goal or KPI is right for your digital marketing program? Join me for this Google Hangout, The Profit Playbook, where I discuss what considerations advertisers should take into account when setting their program goals and what the potential danger is in viewing performance with too narrow a lens.
Aug 21 2014

RKG Releases Paid Search Retail Case For Universities

As part of our ongoing university outreach efforts, we’ve recently developed a paid search retail business case to provide materials for business programs that use the “case method” and/or professors seeking content to drive a quantitatively-based classroom discussion (or team competition!).
Aug 19 2014

Video: Google Shopping Campaigns – What's New

Part one of our three-part video series on Google Shopping Campaigns takes you through key differences between Google Shopping Campaigns and legacy PLA campaigns.