Dec 202013

Video: Optimizing Product Listing Ads at Scale

Getting the most from product listing ads on a large scale can be a daunting task.

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Some key elements include:

  • Bid Management Expertise
  • Proper Attribution
  • Expertise Using Enhanced Campaign Modifiers
  • Ongoing Analyst Oversight

Without all the essential elements a PLA program will fall short of it's potential. Here we offer some insight into how to scale PLAs effectively.

Be sure to download the full Dossier 4.3 for a complete explanation of each of the tips above.


4 Responses to "Video: Optimizing Product Listing Ads at Scale"
a superb post..i was searching this post continuously and finally i found it here. Thanks for sharing
What are your thoughts a one ad group per product structure for a PLA campaign: ?
Hi Alan, We've found that some advertisers do extremely well with a product ID target launched for every product in the feed, particularly those that only carry a small number of products or drive most of their PLA traffic from a small number of products. On the other hand, we've seen negative impacts on traffic volume and traffic quality when trying to launch a product ID target for every product for other advertisers. We definitely think that the granularity that comes with this structure is desirable for having the most accurate bids and negatives for each product, but because Google's serving practices and reactions to structural changes in the PLA campaign have been unpredictable we've been forced to tread carefully and test out different structures depending on the advertiser.
Hi Andy, Thanks for your reply. I agree a product ID target for every product can be unpredictable on traffic volume. I would have thought being more specific would yield better results, but have often found that a simpler structure such as one ad group per category can be more effective. Cheers, Alan

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