Google, General Electric, US Dept Of Energy Announce Open Platform for Power Generation


source: google internal PR server

For Immediate Release 4.01.2008

Industry Leaders Announce Open Platform for Power Generation Devices

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, California. (Tuesday, April 1, 2008) — A broad alliance of leading technology and power generation companies today joined forces to announce the development of “Zappy”, the first truly open and comprehensive platform for power generation devices.

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Google, General Electric, the United States Department of Energy and others are collaborating on the development of “Zappy” through the Open Power Generation Alliance, a multinational alliance of technology and Power Generation industry leaders. The group’s website is at

With thousands of power plants world wide, this year has seen increasing focus on open source power generation. However, the lack of a collaborative effort has made it a challenge to respond as quickly as possible to the ever-changing needs of savvy power producers and consumers. the power of open source electricity Through “Zappy”, power utilities will be better positioned to bring to market innovative new products faster and at a much lower cost. The end result will be an unprecedented global power generation platform that will enable producers to provide their customers better, more personal and more flexible power generation experiences.

source: google internal PR server

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2 Responses to “Google, General Electric, US Dept Of Energy Announce Open Platform for Power Generation”
  1. I’m feeling just a tiny bit guilty now that the Google Finance news algorithm was tricked by this April Fools post and briefly displayed it on GE’s Google Finance page. Jeepers!

  2. Walter K. Foster says:

    DOE,GE and Google the world. The open power generation web site is broken. Can any person play or just the chosen few who play politics. This is going to cost the tax payer even more in hard time.