Jun 182007

And One Social Bookmarking Site To Rule Them All

Posting to social bookmarking sites (digg, delicious, etc) can be a useful means to get good content noticed and tagged, be that content produced by you or by others.

OnlyWire offers a handy bookmarklet to post a URL to several tagging sites at once.

As of this writing, OnlyWire posts to

OnlyWire also posts to Jots and Linkroll, but Jots inflicted too many popups and LinkRoll was down with PHP errors, so I opted to skip those two.

If you're bookmarking, check out OnlyWire .


One Response to "And One Social Bookmarking Site To Rule Them All"
Matt says:
Thanks for reminding me, Alan - been meaning to set all those accounts and you finally pushed me over the edge. Finished! More advanced SEM/PPC articles, plz :)

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