Mar 142008

NEMOA: The World Is A' Changing

Posted rough NEMOA notes yesterday before heading out to dinner. In less than 24 hours:

  • Kevin Hillstrom: I received an e-mail the blogosphere is an echo chamber -- hugh mcleod from a conference attendee saying your talk was good … times are changing when catalogers are sending me e-mails while you talk!! Yep.
  • Chuck Teller from CatalogChoice checked in to give his side of the story. I'll follow up and would like to interview him on this blog, if he's willing.
  • Mark Lee tossed up the end of Steve Spangler's presentation on YouTube, caught on a cell phone. Sadly, Mark only captured the final few minutes, so Steve's real marketing content isn't there, just the triple egg stunt with Terry Monahan.

One of the themes at the NEMOA conference has been, hat-tipping to ClueTrain, that markets are conversations. We as marketers must not forget we're real people, speaking with and listening to and responding to real people, not just spam-blasting (possibly unwanted) emails and catalogs and messaging outward at the world.

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8 Responses to "NEMOA: The World Is A' Changing"
Ken Crites says:
Alan- Thanks for all the great suggestions you made during your two NEMOA presentations. Those of at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters really appreciate it. We owe you some free coffee!
Thanks for the kind words, Ken! :)
Mark Lee says:
I was lucky enough to have attended your "45 Ways to Improve Your Web Marketing Batting Average" talk at NEMOA. We in the catalog biz can always count on you to bring us fresh, thought-provoking perspectives and a useful distillation of the newer technologies. Thanks! Oh -- and kudos for bringing Steve Spangler to NEMOA's attention!
Alan: Thank you for putting so much thought and effort into your NEMOA presentation, and for being so generous with your knowledge. I took away a number of action items and truly appreciate it. Best, Edward
Alan, Your insight, your presentation, the resources you shared, your funny stories brought to life a new world for us - Social Media. I am already digging into The Clue Train Manifesto and have sent your link to everyone on our Internet related teams. Plus, I am an RKG subscriber :) Now I'm posting on Word Press (home experiment to learn), but not the .com version. The you better know code version. YIKES. Of course, IT will solve all my mysteries in three minutes that I wrangled for 40 hours (to conquer on my own - I WILL prevail :) I see your login is easy. I think I'll have to change mine. Feedback was registering was one big pain. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. I was beyond impressed with your expertise and presentation. Barbara McGowan HMR, Boston, MA (
Yay, Barbara -- Good for you for jumping in and playing with this stuff! The initial hours spent messing with the technology will be amply paid back after you turn the project over to IT, as IT won't be able to fasttalk you or blow smoke -- you'll have been there, and know it isn't all that difficult. Hurrah! And thanks for your kind words. Cheers -- Alan
Chuck Teller says:
Alan: I am so ready to be interviewed for your blog. There is a very active consumer conversation about spam-blasting catalogs over at our blog. I suggest that everyone read it.
Chuck -- This weekly, hopefully. I sent along an email w/ possible times. Looking forward to it. -- Alan

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